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  • March 2018 Newsletter
    March 16,2018


    TMS continues to actively work with the Palm Beach Point Property Owner’s Association in the Village of Wellington to monitor the proposed Flying Cow Ranch project.  Glen Fleischer, a member of the Palm Beach Point Board of Directors, and TMS have attended several interest group luncheons that affect the equestrian community, making it apparent that our client will remain active in the community.  The Association continues to be vocal in its steadfast opposition to adding aviation within the Equestrian Overlay Zoning District or near prominent and established equestrian neighborhoods. The Association Board passionately asserts that adding aviation within the equestrian community will impact their quality of life and risk the safety of both riders and valuable horses.  Some of the horses within this community are both Olympic and International champions. Palm Beach Point residents realize that the Council Members in the Village of Wellington have listened and addressed their concerns.  These same residents have actively helped the re-election efforts of both Vice Mayor John McGovern and Councilwoman Tanya Siskind. TMS fully anticipates the applicant will begin the process again this late spring and we are prepared. 



    In August 2017, our client Centennial Management Corporation (CMC) was chosen by the Boynton Beach City Commission to develop the vacant Ocean Breeze East site with affordable homes.  CMC is an affordable housing developer with over 40 years of experience in constructing energy efficient apartments and has a passion for building complete communities in which residents can live, work, and play. TMS will provide community workforce outreach and help create a community benefits package for Ocean Breeze East residents. This project will bring a holistic approach to the community. TMS is also a key partner on the Boynton Beach Town Square team. We are excited to get started on this life changing community project.



    TMS is thrilled to be part of this exciting multi-layered project working with the City and our client E2L Real Estate Solutions on the private part of this project. This past Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Boynton Beach City officials gave the final approval for the $118 million redevelopment of 16 acres off Boynton Beach Boulevard into a pedestrian-friendly town center. “I just want to say thank you,” City Manager Lori LaVerriere said to the City Commission. “I’m shaking, I’m so excited.” This Town Square project will transform the historic high school into a cultural center with a 500-seat auditorium and restaurant space, and include a new fire station, library, City Hall, amphitheater, parking garages, apartments, retail space, a hotel and a police headquarters off site. The leadership exhibited by the City and consultants on this partnership creates a model for other cities to follow. TMS will continue providing timely project updates to the public, such as newsletters and public meetings. 


    Top o’ the day to all you Irish humans!  It’s me, Buck.  Can you believe that Mom didn’t take me to the Honda Classic?  I mean we live in PGA National!  She even sat in VIP with our friend John (I’m supposed to call him Mr. McCahan but we’re cool)!  I would have blended right in with the other caddies – yeah, that was my dream.  Why, I could have birddogged each shot from hundreds of yards away, backed up the crowds and quieted them down, way before the golfers got out there.  Or, I could have been a mascot.  I look great in just the right golf shirt and you know I LOVE golf cart rides!  Mom got to see my friend Tiger (she expects me to call him Mr. Woods). Tiger says he is "cablinasian" and I am black, white and brown - we have a lot in common! One quick paw flick and a couple of his putts would have been good… a real career boost.  Geesh!  I had to watch replays on TV.   The good news is that we have a trip coming up to go see my vet friends in Gainesville.  That means two long car rides for me (yeah!) and maybe we will stay over.  Last time we stayed in a hotel, Mom had to fib about my weight.  Actually, it was a whopper.  She said I weighed 24 pounds!  We had to sneak in the back.  I seriously considered letting out a big loud baritone bark, but she gave me the hairy eye.  That’s all for now. 

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