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    February 13,2014
    business development February 2014


    Be FOCUSED about who you are targeting. TMS clients that Sharon targets are in the construction industry, both vertical and roadway. Laura’s targets are not-for-profits and others who need event productionsocial media, or marketing services.

    Develop a list of those possible clients you believe may need your business and contact them.

    Always ask your current clients for referrals. This can be your best resource.

    Get in the habit of asking your clients for letters of recommendation.

    Get in front of people and network by going to professional meetings where you have a target rich environment.

    Have a succinct pitch ready. Once you have developed a list of potential firms that could use your service, ask for a brief appointment to introduce yourself, face to face, and give them your unique selling proposition. Sharon's pitch would be something like: "My name is Sharon Merchant. My firm is The Merchant Strategy. We provide Government Relations and Public Involvement. TMS will not only provide excellent public involvement, but has existing relationships with the elected officials in the project area and will help proactively communicate and problem solve."

    Be confident, brief, solve a problem for them. Practice your delivery

    Try to offer something unique, such as: "The fact that I am a former legislator, gives me contacts across the state that may help with political red tape. -Or- Since TMS specializes in social media we can help you reach your commuters in an immediate timely fashion."

    Conduct a review or lessons learned, to see what went well and what needs to be fine-tuned.

    Get all the certifications for which you are qualified. Merchant Strategy is DBE, MBE, SBE certified. Does your firm qualify for 8a? Are you located in a HUS zone?

    Be accountable--measure your results--make adjustments and most of all, be persistent.

    *Contact Merchant Strategy for help with your business development, promotions, and media needs.

    *Merchant Strategy will come to your business or organization to speak about Business Development and Marketing Strategies.

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    Watch for our announcements next month about our New Offices and plans for the future.

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