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  • TMS Can Help You Compete Efficiently
    February 13,2014

    TMS Can Help You Compete Effectively

    Government Relations, AKA lobbying, used to be defined as an effort to change a statute or ordinance or to get a project funded. It now includes any communication with any elected official on behalf of a firm that you are representing, but not employed by. That means to speak with city, county, state or Federal officials about work, one must register as a lobbyist unless you are employed by the firm you are representing.

    TMS frequently represents clients that are seeking to build and or improve relationships with government agencies to improve their chances of obtaining business. We create the best plan to approach executive staff, attend important meetings, develop relationships, and build corporate name ID.

    Once your firm is hired, keeping key staff partners and elected officials informed about projects you are working on, is an important way to build trust. Public officials are expected to know the status of important projects in their districts. Keeping them abreast of progress enables them to provide timely updates to their constituents and manage expectations.

    What makes a selection committee comprised of staff, and perhaps an elected official, choose one firm over other equally qualified firms? It could be that the winning presentation was better. More likely, the group felt like they had a relationship with the winning firm. It is human nature. Who you know really does matter!

    Let TMS help you build the winning relationships.

    Do you have questions about how to develop relationships with your local government agencies? Have you included Social Media in your communication plan with community and public officials for your project? Contact The Merchant Strategy at INFO@THEMERCHANTSTRATEGY.COM for solutions.

    Sharon Merchant brings 25 years of public and private leadership experience as a Member of the Florida House of Representatives, and small business owner. Her professional experiences enable her to provide hands on governmental relations and business development advice. “It really is all about relationships - we all like to do business with people we know and trust.”

    CALVIN, GIORDANO & ASSOCIATES, INC."I have worked with... over the past year and have been impressed with their professionalism and depth of experience. Their excellent communication skills have made difficult, controversial projects run smoothly.

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