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  • September Newsletter - Email
    September 05,2013

    Email is still the quickest and most direct way to reach customers with critical information. Email is the one channel your audience accesses regularly.

    Your customer may or may not visit your website, blog or Facebook page; but with few exceptions, customers check their email every day, multiple times an hour.

    In a recent survey, a staggering 77% of consumers reported that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email – and email was the number one source for all age groups including 15-24! (Source: Waldow Social)

    Email generates nearly a 2X return compared to other channels.

    The relationship between a brand and a consumer is never exactly the same as the relationship between friends and family, but marketers can narrow the gap. Brands can enjoy some of the benefits of a trusted relationship by marketing to the buyer in a natural, non-marketing-speak way.

    The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all. If you can genuinely engage your audience through email marketing, you can build direct, trusted relationships across all channels. “Remember that the best campaigns aren’t about you or what you want subscribers to do. They’re about your subscribers and what they want.”– Matt Blumberg Chairman & CEO of Return Path.

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