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  • ARI Provides Complete Accounts Receivable Services
    October 23,2011

    ARI- We put the “check” into your business. This is not just a tagline – it’s reality!

    Office 561-697-4911 • Fax 561-214-4168 • info@4aronline.com
    ARI offers a unique beginning-to-end solution designed to transform the
    operation of your A/R process. From the point invoice data is available,
    through the posting of cash received, ARI allows our customers to concentrate
    on their core business, secure in the knowledge that the A/R process is
    professionally, accurately and securely performed.
    Our goal is to become an extension of your overall business strategy and a
    total A/R solution partner. Focused on results and client satisfaction, we are
    continually expanding our capabilities and growth in all service areas.
    Measurable benefits to your business include:
    • Improved Cash Flow
    • Reduced Costs
    • Enhanced Customer Loyalty
    • Improved Speed and Flexibility
    Unique Capabilities
    We address your accounts receivable challenges by providing:
    • Experienced Executive Leadership Team
    • Project Design and Implementation Expertise
    • Proven Quality Assurance Process
    • Enabling Accounts Receivable Technology
    • Commitment to Open Communication in Support of a Mutually
    Beneficial Partnership
    Our Service Differentiators
    With our in-depth expertise, we can offer our clients:
    • Account Executives With An Average Of 20 Years
    A/R Management Experience
    • Solutions That Span Across An Entire Customer Lifecycle
    • Programs Staffed With Tenured Associates

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