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  • TMS Connect - January 2019
    January 17,2019

    TMS Welcomes Cheryl Scott as Operations Manager

    Team TMS is proud to announce Cheryl Scott has joined our company as Operations Manager. With over 20 years of management and administrative experience, Cheryl will be coordinating the activities and operations of TMS to secure efficiency. Cheryl will be working with our Public Involvement team to create project task sheets and organizational processes as well as preparing, administering and maintaining our client contracts. Cheryl holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications from Michigan State University and an Associates of Arts degree in Journalism from Oakland University. TMS President Sharon Merchant exclaimed "This lady is a rock star!" Welcome to the team Cheryl!

    TMS Joins Carollo Engineers on Coastal Resilience Partnership Project for the City of Boynton Beach

    On January 15, 2019, the Boynton Beach City Commission awarded Carollo Engineers a contract for the Palm Beach County Coastal Resiliency Partnership (CRP). The CRP unites seven partner municipalities with a common goal of advancing coastal resiliency in the area. The CRP was awarded a grant to complete the first phase of a multi-jurisdictional vulnerability assessment and climate adaptation plan. TMS will be leading all public involvement efforts, including facilitating a workshop, social media, creating a web page, community outreach, and government relations. The partnership is comprised of representatives from Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Ocean Ridge, Highland Beach and is lead by the grant agent Boynton Beach. Harvard University Law School's Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic will provide pro-bono assistance to the partnership to help formalize the collaboration between the jurisdictions and assess Peril of Flood compliance. TMS is excited to again work with our friends at Carollo and the City of Boynton Beach.

    Wells Landing by Centennial Management Corporation

    The City of Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) recently awarded our longtime client Centennial Management Corporation (CMC) a second housing project which they have named Wells Landing.  CMC will create a beautiful, pedestrian friendly, mixed use community on the north and south sides of MLK Boulevard. Wells Landing will contribute to the revitalization of the MLK Corridor and include retail shops and an art wall. Wells Landing is named after Robert E. Wells, a prominent pioneer of Bahamian descent.  TMS facilitated a meeting of local neighbors and other interested parties that was held at the Carolyn Sims Center. Residents were able to hear what plans CMC had in mind, ask questions and make suggestions. We are proud to be part of the CMC team for this and many other fine projects.

    Florida Rings in New 2019 Laws

    Minimum wage increase:

    Florida’s minimum wage rate is increasing to $8.46 an hour, up from $8.25. The rate for tipped employees will move to $5.44 per hour. Florida is one of 22 states increasing its minimum wage.

    Hospitals required to post prices online:

    Hospitals will be required to post a list of their standard patient charges online under a new federal rule.

    Federal alimony law:

    Alimony will not be a tax deduction for payers and will not be taxable income for recipients. The new law effects cases going forward and not orders already in place.

    Amendment 2: Limit property tax

    This permanently places a 10% cap on the annual increase of non-homestead property tax assessments. This amendment wont change current law, but it puts protections in place so exorbitant increases don’t impact renters, business owners and consumers.

    Amendment 4: Felon voting rights:

    Former felons, excluding those convicted of murder or sexual offenses, will have their voting rights restored following the completion of their sentences. This includes nearly 1.5 million individuals.

    Amendment 5: Supermajority/taxes

    This amendment requires a two-thirds vote in the Florida House and Senate, instead of simple majority, to raise taxes. This amendment does not apply to local taxes that might be raised in specific counties, cities or other taxing districts, such as school or fire districts.

    Buck’s Corner, by Buck Merchant

    Hey everyone, it’s me, Buck.  Hope your new year is off with a bang like mine!   First, I did get to go to the office Christmas party – it was at my house after all.  That was a smorgasbord!  I just knew Uncle Todd would sneak me some steak.  Then I hit up Uncle Paul.  Bonus!  He can’t resist my big brown eyes and I know it.  Mr. Jason even slipped me some lobster.  It was a heavenly meal.  Until the next morning.  I was a bit gassy….actually a lot gassy.  Mom knew why and gave me a lecture.  It was worth it!  Can’t wait until the next party!  My office looks great with all the new stuff.  Aunt Melissa gave me a leather sofa made just for me.  I lay on my back and guard through my eyelids.  There are more humans around now, so more people know how important I am.  My new colleague, Ms. Cheryl is an excellent scratcher!  Since I am such a good boy, Mom has taken me to the Cooper a lot lately.  They know my name, pet me and bring me special water.  The manager is a big Buck fan!  I get lots of attention and I like it.  We walk around there before or after – excellent pee mail there!  My skin is way better.  No more going to UF.  Only a couple of itches here and there.  I try not to scratch, or Mom washes me again.  Sheesh!  That’s all for now.  Buck

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