New Client: Jupiter Medical Center

We are the New Advertising Agency of Record for this Award-Winning Institution of World-Class Healthcare

Jupiter Medical Center campus

The leading destination in Palm Beach and Martin Counties for world-class healthcare, Jupiter Medical Center, has selected our firm as its new agency of record. Initiatives for the award-winning institution ranked No. 1 in the region for safety, quality and patient satisfaction include TV, radio, print, collateral, outdoor, online, and public and media relations. Please help us welcome Jupiter Medical Center to the family and look for our work about this amazing icon of healthcare in a broad range of mediums.

Jupiter Medical Center

Assisting Lake Worth Beach Candidates with their Bids for Re-Election

The Merchant Strategy (TMS) is thrilled to help our friends Mayor Pam Triolo and Commissioner Scott Maxwell with social media, highlighting their accomplishments as they seek re-election. Together with Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso, who is also up for election, they bring years of experience and dedication to the citizens of the City of Lake Worth Beach. Mayor Triolo has lived in Lake Worth Beach for more than two decades and owns an advertising and public relations firm. A broadcasting major in college, she spent much of her life in radio.

Mayor Pam Triolo

Mayor Pam Triolo

Commissioner Scott Maxwell is an independent voice on the commission who focuses on smart policy and fiscal responsibility. He has shepherded new investment in the community that is creating new local jobs and opportunity. Commissioner Maxwell has also worked diligently on affordable housing and is the CRA liaison. All three of these public servants have worked to build up the reserve, improve infrastructure and lower the cost of their power plant.

Commissioner Scott Maxwell

Commissioner Scott Maxwell

Public Adjuster Reaching Customers Through Social Media Channels

Public Insurance Adjuster Justin Miller's social media campaign is in full swing. You can learn how he'll help you negotiate with insurance companies to receive higher payouts for claims on property damage by water, fire, mold and more by visiting the social media channels we set up and maintain for him. You can follow Justin, and get an idea of the social media posting and engagement that we can do for your small business at Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Sally Says

by Sally Merchant
Chief of Security

Hello human and canine fans. Okay, maybe I don’t have fans yet like Buck did, but a girl can dream. Writing this article is one of my first official duties as the new Chief of Security. I know I have big paws to fill. Mom saved me the day before I was going to ride the needle, so I owe her my best. She and the old Buckster have tried to train me. Sometimes I go along and sometimes I don’t. Without Buck here to keep me on my toes, I have a lot of lessons to keep up with on my own:

  • Protect Mom and our work friends. Check!
  • Look big. No sweat, I am big.
  • Catch rays by the front door. Relaxing is a challenge, but I'll try.
  • Don't "cry wolf" by barking at every passerby. Easy for Buck maybe.
  • Don’t eat the mail man, UPS man or FedEx guy. Rules, rules, rules.
  • Don’t beg for food. Or as I like to think of it: Don't let Mom catch me begging.
  • Don’t jerk Mom around on walks. I can’t anyway with that stupid choke collar. Besides, I'm just looking out for her. Can't be too careful.
  • Don’t be unfriendly to office visitors. How can anybody tell the bad guys from the good guys with everyone wearing masks these days?
  • Don’t bite other dogs. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Don't lean out the car window and startle the panhandlers. Workin' on it. See "Rome."
  • Be nice to Dr. Buzzetti. Be nice to vets AND mail men? C'mon!
  • Don’t be a pill on Halloween. I never actually bit a kid last year, and I wore that cat costume. Dress me up like a Great Dane next year and it's a deal.

I know Mom misses Buck and expects me to shape up, so I'm working on earning my keep. But my old life was tough. I was tied outside and didn't feel loved. Sure, I'm well loved now, but getting over my issues and settling into my new gig is going to take time. While I practice, maybe you all can send me some encouragement about how to be a kinder, gentler Chief of Security. See you next month! Sally

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