Government and Community Relations for Large Scale Project at the Village of Wellington

The Merchant Strategy was Retained by JKM Developers for the Lotis Project

The Lotis Project

The Merchant Strategy, Inc., (TMS) was retained by JKM Developers, LLC, to provide government and community relations in connection with Lotis, a large scale mixed-use project in the Village of Wellington. Sharon Merchant introduced JKM Developers principals to the Wellington Regional Medical Center (WRMC) CEO, HOA leaders, residents, the chamber and other business and community leaders.The team collaborated with WRMC to build medical office buildings to address their existing needs.

Although the project is of great economic value to the community at large, some residents still opposed it. The team met with, compromised and won over the detractors, making it much easier for the Planning and Zoning Members and the Village officials to support us. The project was approved unanimously. We hope to work with JKM on many future engagements. JKM Developers is a privately held full service real estate investment and development firm headquartered in Boca Raton and founded in 2008.

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New Dry Cleaning Business Concept

Locker-Up Laundry Gym and Grocery Store Lockers Coming Soon

How convenient would a locker at your gym be where you could drop off or pick up your dry cleaning and laundry? Gym not your thing? How about the grocery store? You have to eat. Our new client, business startup Locker-Up Laundry, will soon have lockers available in convenient locations and came to us for a logo to make their point. Whether you more often frequent locations to make muscles or to fuel them, Locker-Up Laundry will soon have you covered with lots of convenient places to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning and laundry.

Atlantic Crest Homes

New Branding for Atlantic Crest Homes

Atlantic Crest Homes hired our team for branding and marketing of this new company. The long-time custom homebuilder has dreamy award-winning homes and communities throughout South Florida, many of which you can see online in the company's website portfolio.

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There is A Lot of 2021 Left for Promotional Products

Let Us Help You with Your Plan for Swag

Official Salon of The MS Factor

If you like the idea of sanitary, personalized salon service, try Tranquil Moments. Our friend Tammy Hein runs a tight shop. TMS President Sharon Merchant has known Tammy for decades and regularly enjoys the luxury of a great pedicure. Sharon says, “Tammy provides the best pedicure for a fair price. She is flexible with appointments and always has a funny story for me. Her shop is very clean, and I have been a frequent flyer for decades! If you want to give her a try, tell her I sent you for a 20% discount off your first service.” In addition to pedicures, she offers everything from manicures, airbrush makeup, sunless tanning, facials, and more! Like many small business owners, Tammy thrived for years on referral business and didn’t build a company presence on social media. We are now helping her ease into the 21st century! We love setting up and working with our clients to help build a stronger connection to the community, and social media is always a great way to start. Jessica, our Social Media Manager, has grown Tranquil Moments' original following by 700% in just three months. So, if you're in the market for a spa day, give Tammy a call!

Tranquil Moments Salon


In our previous issue, we incorrectly attributed the Lake Worth CRA Liaison responsibilities to another commissioner. Lake Worth City Commissioner Andy Amoroso is the CRA Liaison. Our apologies to Mr. Amoroso and our readers.

Sally Says

by Sally Merchant
Chief of Security

Hello Fan Club. I guard Mom at home when I am not at work. The work mailman doesn’t bug me too much, but our home mailman gives me that look. You know, like he is daring me. One of these days I will slip out and scare him good! Also, we have dog neighbors. There is a big Shepherd named Max next door. He thinks he is real tough, but he is old. I could have taken him in his prime when I was a kid. He saunters by our house and gives me a smart aleck look. The best I can do is growl at his mom. Mom yells at me, but I just smile. Mocha lives across the street. I like her mom, but Mocha is a chicken. Mom says she is a hunting dog, but she couldn’t find her tail with both front paws. She lives with a Chihuahua named Chichi. I tried to eat Chichi once. She tasted good, but her people got real mad and Mom almost took me back to the pound! Anyway, Mocha is such a bad guard dog that she needs Chichi to sound the alarm. How embarrassing! Do you know that I have to live with a cat named Reagan? Mom actually calls her my sister! That is like a walking, talking, smell-good steak to a human. I would like to eat my sister! I know that would be the end of me, so I just sneak cat poop when Mom isn’t looking. I am definitely not allowed in Reagan’s room. Ever since I broke my prong collar, Mom walks me with my prong collar AND a harness. I am trapped like a prisoner and have to go along with it. Why can’t I just chase the cat for exercise? I do not like walks. So last month I told you all the stuff I am, and am not, supposed to do at work. Mom seems to think I am doing ok. My stealth begging skills are improving! So far, no bad people have tried to get in, so I think I am doing a pretty good job. And guess what? Mom let me growl at a bum. He came up to our car and she rolled the back window down just enough so I could get my face out. He left in a hurry! Maybe you all can explain something to me: Mom took me to the dog spa. Why do humans do this? My natural dog smell is amazing. Can one of you talk to my Mom?

Thank you for all the great comments, encouragement and ideas! Please keep it up. See you next month! Sally.

PS: If any of you have a cat you would like eaten, let me know.

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