New Branding for Jupiter Landscape Architect

M. Hudson Design branding package

Ryan William's Agency created a new branding package for Matt Hudson, principal of M. Hudson Design, a landscape architecture design-build firm located in Jupiter, Florida. Matt has been practicing landscape architecture since 1998 when he graduated from University of Georgia with his Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture. We're still tweaking a few things on the design, but it will be ready shortly to implement into Matt's firm. If you'd like to get an idea of the work created by M. Hudson Design, take a peek at this private residence in Palm City, Florida, depicted on his website.

Matt Hudson Design

City of Riviera Beach Traffic Calming

The Merchant Strategy (TMS) was happy to work with our friends at Chen Moore and Associates (CMA) to provide public involvement for a traffic calming meeting on West 13th Street, in the Federal Gardens neighborhood in Riviera Beach. Residents have long raised concerns about truck traffic in the neighborhood. We worked with the team, including Commissioner Lanier’s office to help coordinate a meeting in the project area – on the street in question. Residents attended to listen to a presentation by Suzanne Dombrowski, PE., to ask questions and to provide feedback on 3 possible traffic calming alternatives. Guests voted on their 1st and 2nd choices. Our team built a stakeholder database, created and mailed post cards to notify residents and other stakeholders, developed and placed signage, created collateral materials, staffed the sign in tables and helped guide participants to the seating area.

Chen Moore and Associates takes pride in their ability to make a difference in our communities. They create spaces that impact our everyday lives through planning, engineering, and design. Their diverse experience and expertise give them the tools needed to provide professional services across a wide variety of market sectors, including utility engineering, transportation, neighborhood improvements and parks and recreation.

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Chen Moore & Associates Logo

Summertime Promotional Items Reminder

Just a quick reminder that at Ryan William's Agency, we source promotional items for every occasion at every price point. We have access to literally tens of thousands of products, virtually all of which can be imprinted with your messaging. We also handle everything from start to finish: sourcing, procurement, design and printing of your messaging and logo, shipping, the whole nine yards. For customers or employees getting ready for summer, we like the Mini Sun Kit. It's practical, cost effective and best of all, when printed with your business messaging, it reminds folks exactly where it came from each time they gear-up for another outdoor adventure under the bright South Florida sun. Check it out!

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Mark Dawson NOS at Ryan William's Agency

An NOS (new old stock) staffer has returned to Ryan William's Agency in an administrative and account representative capacity. Mark Dawson is our newest People Person and we're quite pleased to have landed him once again. Mark previously worked with RWA until his visa ran out in 2016 and he had to return home to England. Since then, however, Mark has completed his MBA degree in Management, with an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Marketing. He is a soccer coach for the two-time national championship Keiser University women's team. He is newly married and has a 4-year-old stepson. Mark is from Newcastle, England, of Newcastle Brown Ale fame; although to the surprise of many, he says he's not fond of the sudsy-dark nectar. (We believe the loss of loyalty to his hometown brew occurred when Heineken became its new distributor, but we digress.) Mark has been in the U.S. essentially since 2011, plays golf, and to prove his sincere patriotism to our country, he now drives an American pickup truck. Please help us welcome Mark Dawson back to the RWA family.

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Apple iOS 14 Update and Tracking for Better Targeting to Your Desired Markets

Apple's iOS 14 update is causing significant changes to digital advertising and how ad networks can track and use data on social media. With this update, users will see a pop-up asking them whether they would like to opt out of their data being tracked. Is being tracked a bad thing? Well, while there are folks on both sides of the privacy issue, at Ryan William's Agency, we're a bit biased. Tracking ensures that the advertisements you see online are more relevant to your life. So, based on your Google, Amazon, Facebook and YouTube searches, for example, these websites tailor your returns to help you find the information that is more relevant to your lifestyle. The technology also allows better targeting of the products or services that YOU advertise to YOUR desired markets.

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Sally Says

by Sally Merchant
Chief of Security

Humans are so weird! Our office windows are shiny and people walking by look at themselves. They adjust their pants, scratch, smile and pick at their teeth. This makes me want to eat them. I lunge at the window, bark my loudest barks and scare the crud out of them. Mostly I do this to entertain my work humans. Ok, mostly I do this to entertain myself. Anyway, none of them will ever even think about breaking to our office. I have learned all about how offices work. I know that when the computer makes noises, all my humans go to the conference room and talk to a screen. Sometimes this is a begging opportunity for me. I know when it's lunch time because Aunt Val comes downstairs. If I follow her to the kitchen, she will slip me at least a taste. She knows how hard I work to keep this place safe. I used to guard the front door more aggressively, but at lunch time, intruders drop off food, so I allow them to come in – just long enough to drop off lunch. Some visitors want to pet me. Usually, I scare them off. Mom’s friend Miss Liz sat on the floor and she is small. I like small ladies best, so I let her pet me. She likes dogs and she gave me some of her bagel, so I was nice. Mom got me a new pad for my office. It’s ok, but it took me a long time to make the old one smell so good. Now she says I’m having another dog spa day, as if this is happy news. They make me smell like a candle. I will shake water everywhere and drool and drag the girls around like last time. Hopefully, I can find something interesting to roll in in my backyard. Our golf course is being fixed up and there are lots of men to bark at. They know not to even think about coming into our yard! They water the grass with pond water. It smells wonderful, so I will hang out by the fence. That way, I can scare the men off and help myself to some good smelling sprinkler water. I actually miss my canine neighbor Max. He is a big Shepard. He is fun to bark at and he gives me the look. I go to town barking at him. His people are back visiting for a while. Maybe Mom will let me pee on their mailbox. He thinks I don’t see him peeing on ours. Max will go crazy when he comes home! Thanks all for now!

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