TMS Providing Public Involvement Services for CAPTEC Engineering in Stuart, FL

The Merchant Strategy (TMS) is very happy to be working with CAPTEC to provide Public Involvement on an FDOT resurfacing project on Okeechobee Boulevard – a major thoroughfare in West Palm Beach. We will produce a Community Awareness Plan (CAP) that lays out the project need, benefits, and schedule, including a public meeting date. We will notify residents, businesses, and all other stakeholders and are prepared to hold a hybrid public meeting, allowing those who are not comfortable in crowds to fully participate virtually.

CAPTEC is a small firm located in Stuart, Florida, whose licensed professionals all retain engineering licenses in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania. President Joe Capra has over 40 years of experience in civil engineering design/permitting/construction services for stormwater, drainage, utilities systems, downtown/CRA re-development, and roadway projects.

CAPTEC Engineering

RWA Launches 12-Week Heart Health Challenge Email Campaign for Jupiter Medical Center

Ryan William's Agency and Jupiter Medical Center have been working shoulder to shoulder on a number of initiatives for the award-winning hospital since January, from display ads and collateral materials to billboards and TV. This recent email campaign, a weekly heart-health tip emailed to registrants requesting recommendations about improving their cardiac health, is promoted with digital ads highlighting the services provided by the Robson Heart & Vascular Institute at Jupiter Medical Center. The concept is quite effective and scalable to businesses of all sizes for a very cost-effective method of growing your email database and promoting your products or services. Email RWA to learn how we can create a similar custom campaign for you!

Jupiter Medical Center

Heart Healthy 12 Week Challenge

Public Project? TMS Can Help Ease the Inconvenience

Are you working on a public project that will cause a temporary inconvenience to residents, business, or visitors? Don’t let people find out the hard way! Call The Merchant Strategy (TMS) for public involvement.

Will your job involve a road closure, flooding, an underground utility upgrade, new pipes being laid in front yard swales, or checking/replacing meters on private property? Might water, gas or power be turned off? Is your work going to be loud or rattle foundations? If your answer to any of the above is yes, you need public involvement!

Street sign indicating the road is closed

Well in advance of any disruptive event, TMS determines who will be impacted – these people are the stakeholders. We make sure that they are informed, understand that for a short period of time they need to be aware of the work being done, the benefit and purpose, and how to best navigate around it. We use neighborhood meetings, websites, social media, door hangers, signage, hotlines and fliers to keep them informed.

Residents are not the only stakeholders. These events might also impact local businesses, police and fire, school bus drivers, ambulances, the county bus system, bicycle groups, and utilities to name a few.

Contact TMS for Public Involvement

Computer screen showing traffic delays

The S.M.A.R.T. way to Develop a Social Media Campaign

While some folks continue to use social media to post pictures of their lunch or videos of their cat, the advertising and marketing value to businesses is priceless. Following is the S.M.A.R.T. way to begin developing a new social media campaign for your product, service or business or to help reassess the one you already have underway.

    As in "BE" specific. What tangible goals do you hope to achieve? Sell more widgets? Create more brand recognition? Attract new hires? Determine exactly what return you're hoping to generate on your investment.
    How will you measure the success of your campaign? Leads generated? Products sold? Engagement, followers?
    Are your goals realistic? Social media is powerful, but you have to be realistic. Turning 100 followers into tens of thousands is challenging for any business.
    Which platforms are conducive to your goals? If you're an art dealer, then Instagram might be just the thing. If, however, your business is insurance, Facebook or LinkedIn might be better suited.
  • TIME
    How much time are you willing to devote and for what duration? At Ryan William's Agency, we suggest a few minutes to a few hours per day for at least 90 days at the outset, and then assess and make changes if necessary.

A well-planned, well-executed social media campaign can convert to real widgets sold and goals achieved with a minimum of investment. The key is, however, "well-planned, well-executed." We can help you with that.

Need Social Media Help?

A smartphone screen

Sally Says

by Sally Merchant
Chief of Security

Hello human and canine fans!

We had a party one morning for Commissioner Wienroth and there were bagels and lots of potential for crumbs. Was I allowed to attend? Nope! Mom tells me to stay in her office and not bark. That, my friends, is dog abuse! We are going to do another party for Commissioner Weiss soon. Maybe I can slip out and do a little stealth begging. Mom is pretty busy at work, so one day she dropped me off at Uncle Todd’s for a sleepover. That guy knows how to treat a girl. Mom says no treats, not too many table scraps, blah, blah. Fortunately, Uncle Todd doesn’t hear too well, and he is mesmerized, possibly hypnotized by my charming personality and stealth begging skills. I pretend that I don’t want to go, so Mom doesn’t think he is spoiling me. This last time, I briefly considered eating the neighborhood cat, but I was too full. I first met Uncle Todd a couple years ago when Mom rescued me. That very day, we went to work so I could meet my new work humans. Back then Uncle Todd worked there. He tried to take me for a walk. Did I mention that I hate walks? I took Uncle Todd for a fly. Yup he was airborne! That was funny. The next day Mom AND Uncle Jason took me for a walk. One harness, one collar and two leashes. It took me almost a mile to wear them out. The next day, I scared a year off of Uncle Jason’s life. He held a chair between himself and me like a matador! Ole Uncle Jason! Now that I am supposed to be on better behavior, Mom tried walking me with a prong collar. She says even a bull can’t resist those things. Well, I busted it and ran all the way home. It takes some humans a long time to learn stuff. Now Mom tells me I have another “spa day” planned – as if this is good news. Lady strangers wash me, (because the boy dog washers fear me), remove my fabulous natural girl dog smell and I am not allowed to growl or bite them. Sheesh! I think I will shake off as much water and hair as possible all over those girls! I will pant and drool and make them regret their dog bathing career choice! Canines, please train your people about the value of no walks and no baths. If you have any training suggestions, please share! That’s all for now.


Send Your Training Suggestions to Sally