New Clients Making a Splash

Ryan William's Agency has just signed on two new clients for marketing services. We are now the agency of record for Family Orthodontics of Jupiter and Tropical Vibes, a designer and seller of tropically inspired men's and women's clothing and products.
<<< Dr. Christopher West and his wife Shelley (pictured here last weekend exhibiting in Downtown Abacoa) have an orthodontic practice on Indiantown Road in Jupiter that specializes in both improving adult smiles and ensuring that children grow up with the smile they deserve. At Family Orthodontics, the philosophy centers around how a great smile instills confidence and can literally change a person's outlook on life. Dr. West and his family are avid watermen and women and choose to capture the fun and positive vibe of a new smile through the endeavors they love so much, including surfing, fishing, boating, scuba diving and more.
Speaking of "fun, positive vibes," Kim Jones and Brett Morson launched Tropical Vibes to share the tropical vacation mindset they enjoy—no matter where your preferred GPS coordinate.
<<< According to Kim and Brett (Far Left) Tropical Vibes is a state of mind. So whether for you that means the Caribbean, your backyard Tiki hut or a log cabin in the snow, they want to help you experience "that feeling" with their Tropical Vibes brand clothing and products. Get into the Tropical Vibes mindset here.

The Merchant Strategy is Opening Doors for the City of Atlantis to Help with its FAA Challenge

The Merchant Strategy has had the pleasure of providing government and community relations for the City of Atlantis on several occasions. We are currently helping with an FAA challenge at the Lantana Airport – part of Palm Beach County’s system of airports. We are connecting city leaders with Members of our Congressional Delegation and U.S. Senators to discuss solutions. City Manager Brian Moree is always fun to work with and with his Council is very engaged. Atlantis was originally an 834-acre development, formerly known as Mulberry Farms, and owned by former State Senator Philip D. Lewis. In 1958, Nathan Hunt and Paul Kintz purchased the 828-acre ranch and the remaining two parcels along Lantana Road and developed one of the most aesthetically beautiful country club communities in the country.

Just for Fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you're a fan of those Lenny Face emoticons, but don't have the time or inclination to become THAT adept at your keyboard, there's an easy-to-use website shortcut. Just for the fun of it. (Or, if you're using a PC: Hold down the Windows key and depress the period (.) key and voila, a whole plethora of emoticon fun will emerge.)

Jupiter Medical Center's Pink in the Park Survivorship Event

Jupiter Medical Center's Pink in the Park Breast Cancer Survivorship Walk and Celebration before the big game on Saturday, July 17, 2021, was met with cheers, big smiles and great weather. Representatives from the Anderson Family Cancer Institute at Jupiter Medical Center exhibited during the event at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium while breast cancer survivors and their families and friends took to the field before the St. Lucie Mets played the Palm Beach Cardinals. The Pregame Survivor Walk and Silent Auction was introduced by the WPEC morning crew Ashley Glass and Matt Lincoln. For more about the advanced care and renowned physicians at Jupiter Medical Center, take a look at the award-winning hospital's website.

Sally Says, by Sally Merchant Chief of Security

Hello human fans! I am trying to stay on my hunger strike, but some days I slip up. Mom got me a BIG bone with good stuff in it. Trying to get it out made me so hungry that I forgot and ate my food right in front of her. I was so focused on my delicious bone that I forgot to look pitiful at lunch time and I got nothing! We are pretty busy at work, so sometimes I go to Uncle Todd’s for a few hours after work so Mom can schmooze with her clients. He slips me some cut-up hotdog. That makes any dog food taste ok. Last week a whole bacon cheeseburger hot off the grill fell off his tray and into my lips. That was AWESOME! I wasn’t hungry for a whole day and kept my dog food hunger strike going. I am looking forward to Mom’s vacation. Uncle Todd stays with me, and I eat good! Hotdogs, gravy… whatever good stuff he eats, I get, too. Mr. B. (Mom calls him Big Dave) stopped by the office and brought my Mom a picture of the old Buckster. She almost cried. I considered eating Big Dave, but he might have been too chewy. I got in A LOT of trouble a couple weeks ago at work. My Mom called me, and I didn’t feel like coming. So, she came to me and told me to get my dog butt up and come. Not sure why, but I decided I was good right where I was. Mom got mad and yelled at me. Then I made a BIG mistake. I growled a little. I got spanked with a rubber shoe and yelled at in a loud scary voice. Lesson learned. Come when called. Aren’t I a dog? Aren’t dogs woman’s best friend? And why aren’t dogs in charge of humans? Who made these rules? If I was in charge of Mom, we would both eat steak, lobster and hotdogs every day. I would ride in the car most of the day and we could both roll down the windows and smell the good smells. We would bark at all bums and kids and anyone who looked at our car. We would never have baths, there would be no walks and every butt would be sniffed. Just saying… See you next month! Sally