Central Seacrest Corridor Drainage Improvements and Water Main Replacement (Phase 1)

The Central Seacrest Corridor Drainage Improvements and Watermain Replacement was designed to improve neighborhood utilities. These upgrades included removing and replacing water mains, upgrading storm water systems and swales, restoring the public right of way and easements to standards. Phase one of the project included the construction of 27,600 feet of PVC Water Main, 1,800 feet of Ductile Iron Water Main, one mile of exfiltration trench, 900 feet of stormwater pipe, and 48,000 feet of swale restoration. The team of Man Con, Inc. (General Contractor) and Mathews Consulting, Inc. (Construction Manager) were contracted by the City to construct the utility improvements.

Scope of Services

TMS was hired as a subconsultant to Mathews Consulting to provide all outreach activities and public involvement to the affected community for the City of Boynton Beach.

Public Involvement Activity: Public Meetings

TMS organized all details involved with holding two public meetings including the preparation and management. Public meetings were intended to provide residents and stakeholders an opportunity to voice concerns and be heard throughout the decision making process. TMS reserved the ADA compliant space of the Boynton Beach Public Library at 208 South Seacrest Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida. The meeting was held on September 9, 2014 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The meeting was conducted in an open house format to allow residents to learn more about the improvement project and answer any questions. In a timely manner, TMS distributed public meeting notifications to the mailing database and posted the advertisement in the Boynton Beach Utilities offices, local libraries and other public places near the project area. TMS organized the setup and take down of the public information meeting, signed in attendees, prepared and collected comment cards. TMS assembled timely meeting notes at the conclusion of the event and provided those to the client.

Public Involvement Activity: Stakeholder Database

TMS gathered, organized and prepared mailing lists of all stakeholders, businesses, utility companies, public and elected officials. Various special interest groups, such as cyclists, and civic organizations were included. Homeowners were identified by use of the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser website. TMS updated mailing databases as necessary throughout the duration of the project.

Public Involvement Activity: Notification Letters

TMS prepared public meeting notifications in the form of a flyer and letter that was mailed to elected and other public officials, private property owners, businesses and other stakeholders identified in the database. The public meeting letter was individually addressed to each elected official within the impacted area’s jurisdiction. TMS assembled all notifications and mailed materials.

Public Involvement Activity: Hotline

TMS set up and maintained a resident complaint hotline that was advertised on all collateral materials. All hotline communications were forwarded onto the client for accurate answering.

Public Involvement Activity: Tri-Fold Brochure

TMS developed a tri-fold brochure that included graphic artwork and project information. The brochure was designed to communicate the project purpose, timeline, impacts and benefits.

Public Involvement Activity: Webpage Content

Working in conjunction with the City of Boynton Beach website designee, TMS created content to be shared to the City website on a separate page. TMS sent updated content to the City’s designee throughout the project duration to keep the public informed of changes. TMS communicated all weekly website updates to the client.

Public Involvement Activity: Social Media

TMS set up an individual Facebook page and Twitter account for the project. TMS created each page’s content, added photos and meeting dates. Weekly project updates were posted to each platform in addition to regular postings.