Central Seacrest Corridor Drainage Improvements and Water Main Replacement (Phase II)

The Central Seacrest Corridor Drainage Improvements and Watermain Replacement was designed to improve neighborhood utilities. These upgrades included removing and replacing water mains, upgrading storm water systems and swales, restoring the public right of way and easements to standards. Phase II of the project included the replacing of water meters, restoring the swales, construction of aprons and milling of the streets in the Central Seacrest neighborhood of Forest Park.

Scope of Services

The MS Factor was hired by the City of Boynton Beach to handle all public outreach, including staffing a project hotline, informational materials and updating the project webpage to replace the original public involvement firm hired by the contractor who was not satisfying the needs of the residents, stakeholders and/or the City.

Public Involvement Activity: Project Hotline

Public Involvement Specialist, Cheryl Scott maintained a resident complaint hotline that was advertised on all collateral materials. All hotline communications were submitted to the contractor for accurate timely responses, with the client being provided weekly and monthly updates.  By being the direct contact for residents and working directly with the contractor, MSF was able to quickly respond to  residents’ and other stakeholders’ concerns, significantly decreasing complaints to the city manager.

Public Involvement Activity: Informational Materials

MSF developed informational materials such as flyers and door hangers to be distributed to the residents and impacted stakeholders to keep them informed on all project updates, status of project overall and most importantly Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) changes when the contractor needed to have portions of the roads closed.

Public Involvement Activity: Webpage Updates and Maintenance

Working in conjunction with the Contractor, MSF created content and provided updates to the project webpage throughout the project duration to keep the public informed of changes. MSF communicated all updates to the client.