City of Boynton Beach Utilities North and South Roads Stormwater and Main Improvements Project

The Harbor Estates Neighborhood of Boynton Beach, Florida, experienced periodic roadway flooding and standing water during heavy rainfall events, which affected the residential property owners located in the vicinity of North and South Roads. Several times per year, normal and severe rainfall events caused flooding which shut down streets and roads. This caused hardship and disruption to the community, especially because the neighborhood only had one access road. To improve the quality and reliability of the Harbor Estates Neighborhood Utilities, the City of Boynton Beach provided a new stormwater system to collect stormwater and discharge through four shallow outfalls located along the north edge of North Road and one shallow outfall at the southeast corner of the neighborhood. The project included replacing aging and undersized water mains and upgrading fire hydrants in the project area. New roadway and curbing were provided.

Scope of Services

As requested by the City of Boynton Beach Utilities, Johnson-Davis Inc. hired TMS for Public Involvement and Public Relations services for the planning, coordination and administration of social media and community outreach services. TMS was contracted during the construction phase of this utilities project and provided services for an eight month period.
Public Involvement Activity: Hotline

To provide Boynton Beach residents with more accessible information, TMS provided a hotline phone number. The hotline, at 561-701-0871, was provided in all collateral materials.

Public Involvement Activity: Social Media

TMS provided aggressive and proactive social media engagement to inform citizens of the neighborhood of construction and project updates. Social media was used to inform citizens of every aspect of the project until completion. TMS created content and posted two to three photos and updates per week to the City’s designated Facebook page. One daily Facebook posting was provided to explain what was going on each day and what would be happening the day after in terms of work. TMS created content and posted in the same schedule to the City’s Twitter account as well. TMS checked and maintained daily and weekly updates with photos to the client for posting on the City of Boynton Beach Utilities department web page.

Public Involvement Activity: Newsletters

TMS provided eight newsletters, one per month, to continuously inform residents of the project updates. TMS designed the newsletter template utilizing the City of Boynton Beach seal. Newsletters included updates to stormwater system testing, installation of sections, additions of fire hydrants, utility coordination and specific locational updates for each activity along North and South Roads. Each newsletter included several photos of construction, new system installation, an aerial project map with labeled roads, our client Johnson-Davis’ logo, links to the Facebook, Twitter and Boynton Beach websites. The newsletters were posted onto the social media pages and distributed via email from the City to its residents.