Ion Exchange Resin Plant and East Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project

On March 2, 2015, the Boynton Beach City Commission approved a resolution authorizing CDM Smith to proceed with Phase Two of the progressive design build project for the East Plant Ion Exchange and Upgrades Project. Phase Two included the completion of design, procurement of services and equipment, and construction services to result in a turn-key facility. The plant upgrades were anticipated to be located at the East Water Treatment Plant, located at 124 East Woolbright Road. The plant was intended to process 24 million gallons per day (mgd) and equipped with a state of the art MIEX® pretreatment system providing benefits such as odor removal and reduction in chemical costs. Other improvements were filter valve replacements; modifications to the disinfection system; replacement of the existing high service pumps; a new 30 million gallon finished water storage tank with a new re-pump station; and modification of the site paving, stormwater, and security. The $30.8 million dollar project was managed by CDM Smith and the Carollo Design Build Group with collaboration from the firms PCL, AW Architects, Tierra South Florida, Engenuity Group, Cooper Construction Management and Consulting and DCR Engineering Services.

The project received the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Envision Bronze Award for its environmental, social and economic benefits. Nationally, this facility was one of only several Envision water treatment plant awards granted per year and the first ever to be granted in the state of Florida. The project also included the installation of public art, designed to create a connection between facility visitors and the facility itself. The art installation included a pavilion with a water fountain adjacent to the plant, and a pixelated glass mural illuminated by LED light fixtures programmed to suggest the movement of water.

Scope of Services

TMS was hired to provide public involvement to CDM Smith for the City of Boynton Beach, Florida.

Public Involvement Activity: Website

TMS designed a custom project website with specific headers and logos featuring the City of Boynton Beach, CDM Smith and project partners and subcontractors. The website was updated throughout the project with project updates, contact information, meeting details, project calendar and photos. The website was located at

Public Involvement Activity: Ground Breaking Ceremony

TMS organized a ground breaking ceremony for the City of Boynton Beach Utilities Department held at 9:00 a.m. on April 23, 2015. The City Commission and staff, media, and interested parties were invited to attend the event that included a Ion Exchange Pipe Signing and East Plant Tour. TMS designed an invitation for the event that included a custom logo, agenda, project overview and site plan.

Public Involvement Activity: Newsletters

Monthly newsletters were produced and distributed online via social media and to City staff for dissemination. Newsletters included project status updates, safety and quality status and project savings. TMS designed the newsletter template and included project photos wherever possible. All information was written in plain language, thus making the content easy to understand.

Public Involvement Activity: Social Media

TMS provided social media updates for the City of Boynton Beach Utilities Department Facebook and Twitter pages. Content was provided on a regular basis, keeping the public informed on the progress of the project.