Palm Beach County Collection System Rehabilitation Project

The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department started a Collection System Rehabilitation project to improve the long-term operability and reliability of wastewater pipes. A CCTV contractor used cameras throughout Palm Beach County neighborhoods to discover the condition of sanitary sewers.

Public Involvement Activity: Stakeholder and Resident Databases

MSF created a stakeholder and resident database for mailings with the purpose of mailing letters to impacted residents within the project area to be received at least one week before the contractor begun.

Public Involvement Activity: Creation and Delivery of Door Hangers

MSF also designed a doorhanger and delivered one to approximately 6,000 homes with 11,000 individual meters/customers affected. MSF was the first point of contact for each household.

Public Involvement Activity: Attended Meetings

MSF called and attended meetings with the CCTV contractor to understand which neighborhoods would be impacted at each stage throughout the process. This allowed us to ensure our client stayed at least four days ahead of schedule affixing doorhangers to the contractor’s activity.