Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Avenue E Corridor Streetscape Study

Riviera Beach CRA hired KCI Technologies, Inc., to provide professional research and design services for the Avenue E Corridor Streetscape Study to develop an enhanced vibrant streetscape environment for property and business owners and the public.

Scope of Services

The MS Factor (MSF) was retained to provide public involvement.

Public Involvement Activity: Database Creation and Maintenance

MSF developed stakeholder and resident databases comprised of public and elected officials, media, residents and business owners within a 100 feet radius of the impacted area. These databases were formatted and prepared for mail-merge.

Public Involvement Activity: Door Hangers

MSF prepared and delivered door hangers notifying stakeholders and residents of the Public Brainstorming Workshop where KCI and the CRA presented the proposed streetscape designs for review and discussion.

Public Involvement Activity: Public Brainstorming Workshop Attendance

MSF staffed the Public Brainstorming Workshop and provided all collateral materials such as sign in sheets and comment cards. MSF took informal notes at the Workshop and provide a summary of the notes to client.