Seacoast Utilities Garden Isles Water Main Improvements

The Seacoast Utilities Garden Isles Water Main Improvements Project was designed to improve neighborhood utilities. These upgrades included removing and replacing water mains, installation of sewer point of service cleanouts, pressure testing, bacteriological testing and density testing.

Scope of Services

The Merchant Strategy (TMS) was CES Construction to handle all public outreach, including creating a Public Involvement Plan, developing and maintaining a stakeholder database, staffing a project hotline, informational materials, developing and maintaining a project webpage, and attending public and neighborhood meetings.

Public Involvement Activity: Project Hotline

TMS set up and Public Involvement Specialist, Cheryl Scott, maintained a resident complaint hotline that was advertised on all collateral materials. All hotline communications were submitted to the contractor for accurate responses, with the client being provided weekly and monthly updates. By being the direct contact for residents and working directly with the contractor, TMS was able to alleviate the client’s need to constantly respond to residents’ and stakeholders’ concerns, as we handled that for them.

Public Involvement Activity: Informational Materials

TMS will develop materials such as flyers and door hangers to be distributed to the residents and impacted stakeholders to keep them informed on all project updates, status of project overall and most importantly MOT changes when contractor needed to have portions of the roads closed.

Public Involvement Activity: Webpage Updates and Maintenance

Working in conjunction with the Contractor, MSF created content and provided updates to the project webpage throughout the project duration to keep the public informed of changes. TMS communicated all updates to the client.

Public Involvement Activity: Public Involvement Plan

TMS was hired to develop a Public Involvement Plan (PIP) for review and approval by the client to notify the public of the proposed construction and anticipated impacts. The PIP addresses timeframes and a schedule for design and construction with tentative dates for each public involvement activity throughout the duration of the project. The PIP outlines the benefits of the project and will be updated periodically throughout the duration of the project.

Public Involvement Activity: Stakeholder Database

TMS will identify all property owners, tenants, places of worship and businesses within 300 feet of the project corridor to assemble a mailing stakeholder database. This will be continually updated throughout the life of the project.