SR-9/I-95 at Hypoluxo Road DDI

This FDOT- D4 Project includes a full reconstruction of the I-95 at Hypoluxo Road Interchange, including replacement of Hypoluxo Road bridge over I-95 and the SFRC railroad tracks to accommodate the new Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) configuration. All entrance and exit ramps to/from I-95 will be reconstructed. Hypoluxo Road approaches between the median opening just east of High Ridge Road to Seacrest Boulevard will be reconstructed.

Scope of Services

The Merchant Strategy (TMS) was hired as a subconsultant to Stantec Consulting Services to provide public involvement by communicating with all interested parties, groups and government organizations regarding the development of the project.

Public Involvement Activity: Community Awareness Plan

TMS prepared a CAP Level 4 for review and approval by the client to notify the public of the proposed construction and anticipated impacts. The CAP addressed timeframes and a schedule for design and construction with tentative dates for each public involvement activity throughout the duration of the project. The CAP outlined the benefits of the project and was updated periodically throughout the duration of the project.

Public Involvement Activity: Notification Letters and Flyers

TMS will develop meeting notifications and advertisements for one public meeting.

Public Involvement Activity: Stakeholder Database

TMS identified all property owners, tenants, places of worship and businesses within 300 feet of the project corridor to assemble a mailing stakeholder database. This will be continually updated throughout the life of the project.

Public Involvement Activity: Website and Social Media

TMS will develop a project webpage which can be linked to the Department’s website for dissemination of project information, dates, MOT changes and public involvement activities.

Public Involvement Activity: Meeting Attendance

TMS will staff one public meeting and provided a summary of meeting notes and attendee comments. MSF will staff two agency meetings with Palm Beach County and the City of Lantana and will summarize meeting notes and attendee comments.