Our Company

The Merchant Strategy, Inc. (TMS) is a woman owned small business providing public involvement, government/community relations and crisis management.

The Merchant Strategy, Inc. boasts a proud 20-year history, marking a significant milestone with its 20th anniversary celebration in September 2023. The Merchant Strategy was founded by Sharon J. Merchant, a former Florida State Representative for parts of Palm Beach County and has continuously excelled in its field.

Dedicated to excellence, The Merchant Strategy (TMS) offers a comprehensive array of services that encompass Public Involvement, Government Relations, Community Relations, and Crisis Management. The company operates from strategically located offices in Broward County, Palm Beach County, Marion County in Florida, and Horry County in South Carolina.

TMS holds several prestigious certifications, including S/WBE (Small and Women Business Enterprise), SBE (Small Business Enterprise), MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), CBE (Community Business Enterprise), DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), and ACDBE (Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), reaffirming its commitment to excellence and diversity in its operations.

Our Mission

TMS has an unwavering commitment to empower organizations to build stronger, more inclusive communities and navigate the intricacies of government processes with clarity and purpose.

Our Vision

To be the foremost leader in transforming interactions between public, private, and other industry sectors. We aspire to create a future where transparent, empathetic communication prevails, enabling communities to thrive and organizations to excel. Through our expertise and dedication, we aim to inspire trust, facilitate progress, and leave a positive mark in the regions we serve.

Our DEI Commitment

The Merchant Strategy, Inc. (TMS) is a diverse and inclusive small business that promotes and values equality. Our workplace reflects the communities we serve and creates a bond where everyone feels empowered to bring their true voice and cultural experiences to the office each day. We value our diverse workforce because we understand that universal accessibility is a powerful tool to build consensus and unity.

Our diversity ensures that our clients and stakeholders are well understood and in return, receive authentic experiences and messages from us. By providing varied perspectives, our clients receive an exceptionally balanced and well-rounded approach to our Public Involvement and Governmental relations services. In addition, and to competently work within communities not represented by our staff, we will add multi-lingual professional subconsultants to assure relatable accessibility and communication.

TMS is committed to maintaining an inclusive culture through on-going education, annual policy review and by celebrating the uniqueness in everyone we encounter.

TMS is Here to Help!

From the beautiful shores of the Palm Beaches to the seaside escapes of Myrtle Beach, The Merchant Strategy Team is here to help you, your company, and/or your organization.

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Office Locations

The Merchant Strategy has offices located in:

  • Broward County, FL
  • Palm Beach County, FL
  • Marion County, FL
  • Horry County, SC