Crisis Management

In the rapidly growing field of crisis management, our staff has been involved in some of the nation’s most highly publicized legal cases. From the initial efforts with a major corporate dilemma, potential business ending challenges, personnel disruptions or personal image damaging events to the resolutions that put companies and individuals on a pathway to future success, we work side-by-side with your staff, legal councils and impacted individuals.

We have furnished crisis support services to both corporate organizations and their legal teams for crisis situations in the governmental organizations, legal services, healthcare, day cruising, aerospace, non-profits and funeral services industries to name a few. Providing guidance in the most complex efforts with their courtroom conclusions lasting years or simply helping direct negotiations to a rapidly resolution, we focus our efforts on the client’s future success.

Our services include situational analysis, response planning, contact support for the media, government and regulatory organizations, employee relation involvement and executive leadership response training. We quickly integrate into being your partner on all aspects of the challenges facing your organization.